When it comes to ensuring data security, data destruction is the process of shredding or crushing unwanted digital assets which carry sensitive information. Our commitment is to guarantee your data is destroyed in line with current regulations.

At FLP, we permanently erase all data from your HDDs and SSDs using market-leading data sanitisation software from BLANCCO and ADISA. We can offer a range of data sanitisation methods including DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88.

After complete data erasure, we will provide you with a certificate for each individual storage device. This is certified evidence for your peace of mind that each device has had its data securely wiped.

Opting for our certified data destruction services means more than just the physical destruction of your devices, it means rendering the information stored on these assets irretrievable. Our destruction process adheres strictly to relevant legislation, including stringent environmental laws, ensuring a responsible approach to both data security and environmental conservation.

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As we destroy data and in turn recycle your devices, we reduce electronic waste and its impact on the environment. With FLP Solutions, you are making a valuable contribution towards a greener future. Data destruction and device recycling goes beyond just disposal of your e-waste, it shows commitment to sustainability and positive management of your corporate image.

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FLP Solutions can collect all IT hardware equipment including:

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Data destruction involves securely shredding or crushing digital assets containing sensitive information. It’s crucial to prevent data breaches as well as complying with regulations.

FLP not only physically destroys devices but also renders the stored information irretrievable, contributing to both data security and environmental sustainability.

Certified data destruction ensures compliance, mitigates legal risks, and reflects your commitment to both data security and environmental responsibility.

By choosing FLP for data destruction and recycling, you play a vital role in promoting sustainability, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious future. 

The certificate serves as certified evidence that each storage device has undergone complete and secure data erasure, providing peace of mind and compliance documentation.

Certified data destruction involves more than physical destruction; it ensures the irretrievability of information on devices, adhering strictly to relevant legislation.