FLP Now Supply a Range Of SSD’s


FLP SSD Hard Drives

SSD drive technology is fast becoming the storage platform of choice, it is faster, more responsive and more reliable than standard HDD’s and traditional Hard Disk Drives are being replaced gradually with SSD devices with the growth in consumer electronic goods fuelling the growth of SSD conversion. SATA based SSD’s are commonly used for laptops/notebooks and SAS based SSD’s for servers, but there is also been growth in M-SATA PCI-E based SSD’s used in tablets and desktop PC’s.


The overall market share for SSD’s  is forecast to grow by nearly 50% from 2013 figures and with prices continuing to spiral downwards , SSD sales, particularly the Enterprise class formats should exceed expectations in 2014/2015


FLP can now supply a whole range of SSD options, please contact sales@flpsolutions.co.uk for an up to date quote.



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