IT Asset Disposal & Recycling

Effective IT recycling and data security is essential whether you’re upgrading existing equipment, downsizing or installing new systems. All these activities can be time-consuming, risky and disruptive.

When it’s time to consider the recycling of your IT assets there are four reasons why you should choose FLP:

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We operate a total recycling policy and our preferred option is to refurbish and resell the IT equipment that we collect and we do this very successfully thanks to our established customer network and worldwide reach. In cases where equipment or component parts cannot be refurbished for the second user and maintenance market, they are broken down in to base materials such as glass, metals and plastics and recycled.

Our hard drive erasure software permanently and safely removes all of the data on hard drives and exceeds the data destruction levels specified by major organisations and government bodies for PC reassignment, upgrades, refurbishment, recycling and donation.

Our IT recycling package is specifically tailored to your business needs and once established includes:

FLP Solutions can collect all IT hardware equipment including:


IT asset disposal (ITAD) is what we call the disposal of all your information technology including servers, computers, photocopiers, printers, and more. 

We can remove your IT equipment which has is no longer required, due to being outdated, unused, or even broken.

This equipment is removed responsibly to be either recycled or reused. 

WEEE stands for “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” – covering a huge range of devices. To be more specific, this includes most things which are powered by a battery or a plug.

The amount of WEEE waste produced in the UK is increasing rapidly. 

In 2007, the WEEE Directive became legislation. This directive works to contribute to sustainable production and consumption, by preventing the creation of WEEE as a first priority and to reduce the amount of WEEE being disposed of in landfill.

Correct handling of e-waste and IT asset disposal is important for a few reasons.

Proper disposal of your IT assets ensures sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and recycling of your IT assets reduces electronic waste. This contributes to a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to technology lifecycle management.