Computer Recycling & Disposal

With the recent movement of companies offering remote working many organisations are moving their employees from office-based Desktop PC’s to Laptops and Tablets. At FLP we offer a secure and compliant disposal service for your unwanted or aged Desktop PC’s.

At FLP we utilise market-leading data sanitisation software from BLANCCO and ADISA which permanently erases all data on your HDD’s and SSD’s. We can offer you a range of data sanitisation methods including DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88.

Once your data has been erased you will receive a certificate for each individual storage device giving you certified evidence that the data has been securely removed.

In many cases, your old PC’s still carry some residual value. FLP can pay you for your aged IT assets which you can use to offset costly upgrade equipment.

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As we recycle PCs, we actively reduce electronic waste and its impact on the environment. You can say goodbye to the complexities of e-waste disposal and introduce the convenience of working with a reliable PC recycling company. With FLP Solutions, you play a significant role in working towards a greener future. Recycling PCs goes beyond e-waste disposal, it shows a dedication to embracing sustainability and managing your corporate image.

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Why recycle Your Old PC's?

FLP Solutions can collect all IT hardware equipment including:

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Computer (PC) recycling is a responsible and environmentally friendly process of disposing of computer equipment. It involves the dismantling and recycling of various components such as CPUs, monitors, keyboards and other equipment. 

Our market-leading data sanitisation software is crucial for protecting your sensitive information, and you will receive a certificate for each device we have successfully and safely removed all data traces from. 

WEEE, an acronym for “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment,” covers an extensive range of devices, specifically those powered by batteries or plugs.

The UK is witnessing a rapid increase in the production of WEEE waste, marking a notable trend in the generation of electronic waste.

Legislated in 2007, the WEEE Directive plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable production and consumption. It prioritises preventing the creation of WEEE as a primary objective and aims to diminish the volume of WEEE being consigned to landfill sites. This directive is a significant step towards responsible electronic waste management, aligning with broader efforts for environmental conservation and sustainable resource use.

By recycling PCs with FLP, you actively contribute to reducing electronic waste and its environmental impact, fostering a greener and more sustainable future. 

We provide a secure and compliant disposal service for your outdated PCs, ensuring both data security and environmental responsibility. We also offer the same recycling or disposal service for laptops and tablets.