IT Asset Disposal & Recycling

FLP are experts in electronic IT recycling and data security. Ensuring efficient recycling and complete data security is important, whether you’re upgrading your current suite of IT assets, downsizing, or installing new systems. When it’s time to consider recycling your IT equipment, you should choose FLP.

Server Recycling and Disposal

Recycling servers is important for the environment – and with FLP we want to help make this process as simple as possible. Safely dispose of your unwanted, and often outdated e-waste with us and reduce your impact on the environment.

Computer Recycling & Disposal

At FLP, we offer a secure and compliant computer, laptop, and tablet disposal service. We utilise market-leading data sanitisation software and in many cases, your old PCs carry some residual value. We can pay you for your aged PC assets to offset any upgrade costs.

Photocopier Recycling & Disposal

Ensuring your equipment is disposed of correctly is important, and at FLP we can assist with recycling and disposing of your unused, unwanted photocopiers. We help you to minimise your impact on the environment through the correct handling of your e-waste.

Printer Recycling & Disposal

When it comes to printer recycling, FLP is your trusted partner. Safely dispose of your old printers with us, reducing your environmental footprint and ensuring complete data security. FLP offers not just a disposal service but a sustainable solution.

Data Destruction & Disposal

FLP takes data destruction seriously. At FLP we offer a secure and compliant data destruction service, utilising market-leading data sanitisation software and providing you with certified evidence your data has been securely destroyed.

We understand the importance of environmental care and data security, and together we can make a significant impact on the environment. Recycling IT servers are more than just disposing of e-waste; it’s a commitment to embracing sustainable practices which reflect positively on your corporate image. Data security is at the core of our operations and we take every measure to protect your sensitive information during the recycling process.

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Why recycle Your Office Equipment?

FLP Solutions can collect all IT hardware equipment including:

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